• Team Spirit

    The most important thing of being part of the Barracudas, is the team spirit. From training on the ice to nights out.

  • On Ice Training

    As part of our on ice training, we do drills, game scenarios as well as line drills with our lines for games.

  • Off Ice Training

    We also give advice to our players on off ice exercise and drills to do.

Upcoming Matches & Latest Results
Basingstoke Barracudas 2 - 12 Slough Scorpions
24th October 2016 - 22:30 PM at Basingstoke Arena Game Report
Basingstoke Barracudas 2 - 2 Basingstoke Raptors
27th August 2016 - 18:30 PM at Basingstoke Arena Game Report
Basingstoke Barracudas 6 - 11 Gosport Spartans
2nd July 2016 - 20:15 PM at Basingstoke Arena Game Report

Latest News

Team Management Announced

With the upcoming season in full swing, the Basingstoke Barracudas are pleased to announce the appointment of our team manager and match coordinator. Lucy Spalton, an Operations Manager by day, will be our Team Manager, in charge of everything off ice (the paperwork, organization and making sure the club is in full working order). Cally Ayres, a fundraiser for a Local Hampshire charity, is in charge of the March Co-Ordination. Cally is in a fantastic position to allow the team to arrange and play games, as well as some great challenge games all in the name of charity.

Basingstoke Barracudas Formed

We are pleased to announce that the new ice hockey team is Basingstoke is called the Basingstoke Barracudas. Here on our website you will find all the information about the team, the players, games and results. We are getting pictures together and short videos as well for you to watch.

About the Team

The Basingstoke Barracudas are a recreational ice hockey team playing out of the Basingstoke Silverdom, in Basingstoke, in the {XYZ League}. Read More...