2017 / 2018 Season
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The Basingstoke Barracudas are delighted to bring news of their 2017 / 2018 Season, with exciting player signings, officials within the team.

Off ice news
We are pleased to let you know that managing the team this year is Lucy Spalton. Her dedication to sorting the team out off the ice, ensuring we have ice time paid for and that the club is manageable and able to pay Ice time bills, is a miracle itself. 
This is on top of a full time job!

Game Coordinator this year will be David Spalton, who will be charged with arranging the Barracudas home and away games, as well as tournament / league games.

Helping Lucy on Match Nights with the paperwork, managing the box and administration will be Rachael Hack. It is our match night team who will looks for volunteers from wives and girlfriends to help them it’s the game night roles.

Now to on Ice news
Returning again between the Pipes wearing #38 is David Spalton, and wearing #35 is Kat Robinson. Due to David and Kat’s shift patterns we are happy to introduce Mark Harrison as our 3rd Goalie for when we only have one goalie ableist to attend a game.

Returning players for this season;
- Phil Colins
- Chris Salmon
- Phillip Nasher-Dimond
- Mark Euesden
- Liam Concannon
- Steve Piotrowski
- Grant Mercer
- Craig Ayling
- Glen Watridge
- Jay Whitehead
- Matt Titmuss
- Ioanna Gagea
- Paul Smith
- Alex Weems
- Gary Fielder 
- Mitchell Knowlson
- Quentin Barbeau
- Tim Tyrrell
- Mitchell Leer
- Martin Chambers
- Eva Lambert
- Allan Ecclefield

News Players to the team this year so far who we are pleased to introduce to you are;
- Evan Catterall
- Eddy Rayner
- Will Fry
- Liam Croskell
- Liam Druitt
- Harry Ryder

More news on all our players will be posted soon, and we will get some headshots and information about everyone for the website.