Final Score from Saturday Night
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Saturday the 27th Jan was the first meeting this season for both teams, with the Spitfires visting us for the unholy face off time of 2315..

The first 5 mins of the gave we pretty even handed, with both sides getting a few chances, but at 06:25 Barracudas captain, Jay Whitehead took a pass from Martin Chambers in front of the net, and opened the scoring.
Grant Mercer, took a pass from Dexter with 09:13 on the clock and took the Barracudas up to 2-0, closely followed by an usassisted goal by Dexter himself at 09:40 just before the first ten mins were up. 
At 10:17 into the gane, Matt Titmuss, got a great pass from Captain Jay, and took the Barracudas to 4-0 up.
With 17:27 on the clock, there was an atrication between Mercer from the Barracudas and Gleed from the Spitfires, which saw them both ejected from the game and taking early showers, and at the same time it saw Chris Salmon sit for 2 minutes for Cross Checking.
There was no more scoring until 2 seconds before the end of the first period when Matt Sims scored and unassisted goal into the Spitfires end.
End of the First 5-0

With the both teams out on the ice the second period got under way and it wasnt long before there were two players in the box, both getting two minustes for roughing. Matt Sims from the Barracudas and D Larkworthy from the Spitfires, both being coincidental minors. Matt Sims got his second of the night, with a pass coming from Quentin putting the score to 6-0. It was only a few minutes later, at 23:17 that Martin got a shorthanded goal himself with a great pass from D man Steve Piotrowski, 7-0 to the Home side.
Martin got his next goal at 25:36 with a pass off Matt Sims again, 8-0 to the Barracudas.
At 28:04, R Deros hit the puck out of play, which meant a 2 minute miron for delaying the game.
Last goal of the period came at 37:38 when Tim Tyrell got a pass from Alex Weems to close the period score at 9-0 to the Barracudas.
End of the Second 9-0

With a fresh ice cut and 15 minutes to rest, both teams came back on the ice for the final period.
Swindon were the first team to creste chances from the puck dropping in the 3rd with a few shots on a cold Kat in the Barracudas goal crease, but it was the Barracudas who scored at 42:36 when Martin Chambers scored with help from a grest pass from Liam Concannon. 10-0 to the home side, and the first time the score clock has shown double figures for the home team here at the Barracudas!
At 47:03 Captain Jay got another chance all by himself and put it in the back of the net, 11-0 to the Cudas.
The number 13 may be unlucky to some, but for number 13, Liam Croskell it certainly wasnt when he scored with a pass from Alternate Captain Mitchell Knowlson, at 50:56, putting the score to 12-0. Pitty it wasnt the 13th that Liam didnt score!
At 52:37, new boy Jack Reddin opened his scoring account with the team, thanks to a pass from Matt Titmuss, putting the score at 13-0. Spitfires player J Willis earnt himself a 10 minute misconduct pentalty for any angry outburst, sending him off to the showers early. 
This was followed with another goal from Matt himself thanks to another Matt at 53:25, Matt from Matt... thats confusing.... 
The final goal of the game was scored at 54:06 when Dexter took a pass from Martin to put the score at 15 - 0.
The Spitfires had a few chances, but in one Barracudas player Mitchell Knowlson tripped up one of the Spitfires so he went for 2 minutes to rest at 57:44.

The Spitfires played the game in great spirit and never gave up. With both teams competing in the Corridor Cup this yeat it will be interesting to see the progress from both sides when we face each other in the cup.