Solent & Gosport Spartans Vs Basingstoke Barracudas
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Solent & Gosport Spartans

09 - Rae x 1
25 - Stewart x 3
89 - Willis x 6

Basingstoke Barracudas

11 - Crawford x 2
88 - Mercer x 1
48 - Whitehead x 1
81 - Knownlson x 2
44 - Chambers x 1

Referee: Fusco

Penalties: 34 / 22

It was the first game for both teams in this season with it being a Challenge Game.

Both teams came to the ice to warm up with no pucks, and when they arrived the refs said no and get on with the game.... oh well, who needs pucks to warm up? We used a glove.
We don't have the full breakdown of the goal times, or penalty times but the goals for the Cudas were scored by;

Dexter Crawford x 2 (plus 2 assists)
Grant Mercer x 1
Jay Whitehead x 1 (plus 5 assists)
Martin Chambers x 1 (plus 2 assists)
Mitch Knowlson x 2 (plus 2 assists)

In the box we had a total of 22 mins compared to 34 for the Spartans.
Matt Titmus 4 mins in total (2 eafor x-Checking and Tripping).
Liam Concannon 2 mins for something that I can't read.
Liam Croskell got a 2+10 for roughing, though no finger appeared to be lifted, and the player who started it fell backwards needing to be carried off by his own players, great first flight.
David Spalton (goalie) received 2 mins for tripping.
And in the last 5 mins we took a 2 min bench penalty for too many men on the ice.

With 10 mins to go after a butt end to the head, we swapped the goalies as it looked like David had seen red, Harrision made his first Cudas appearance.

All in all it was a good game with a much better result than last time (9-2), and with 4 new names icing for the team in the first game there are a lot of positives to come out of it.