Basingstoke Barracudas 5 - 2 Swindon Spitfires
10th December 2016 - 22:30 PM at Basingstoke Arena
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Scorers: #95 Ben Wilson, #55 A Angus, #81 M Knowlson, #87 J Wadge, #46 G Fielder

Basingstoke Barracudas:

Coach: Mark Austen

Swindon Spitfires:


Referee:Cook & Issacs.

Penalties:16 - 6

Good Game-
The Basingstoke Barracudas won the first registered league game against the Swindon Spitfires, 5-2
Barracudas goals were scored by;
#95 Ben Wilson (2:23)
#55 A Angus (37:31)
#81 M Knowlson (45:17)
#87 J Wadge (47:37)
#46 G Fielder (50:02)

Spitfires goals scored by;
#77 B Edginton (46:40)
#94 D Briggs (50:36)
The game was a very good game, that also saw the home team take 16 penalty minutes, compared to 6 for the visitors.
Home Goalie Kat Robinson had 8 shots on goal in the first period, followed by 9 mid way through the second (with a shutout) when David Spalton took to the Pipes.
Dave took a remaining 8 shots in the period and then 19 shots in the final period with 2 goals being scored.
For the Spitfires, goalie H Spranklin saw 13 shots with one goal in the first period, 7 in the second with no goals and then 4 shots in the third with 4 goals, when goalie D Main took over with around 5 mins left to play.
All in all a fantastic game, we would like to thank those who came and watched us play.
The next game is going to be on the 7th January against the Nationwide Knights.