Our Team

Team Managers

  • Lucy Spalton

    Lucy Spalton

    30, from Fleet and tasked with the wonderful job of managing the team!

  • Rachael Hack

    Rachael Hack



  • Mark Austen

    Mark Austen


  • #5 Liam Concannon (A)

    #5 - Liam Concannon

    Liam concannon is the coach and founder of Basingstoke Barracudas.
    He has played junior hockey up to the age of 16 at a high level, but joining the army ended up in taking a 13 year break from the ice. After getting back into it he soon joined the Basingstoke Raptors and completed 2 seasons as a defender.
    He is a player as well as team coach for the Basingstoke Barracudas, also Liam will be signing for the Basingstoke Cougars this year.

  • Jake Wadge

    Jake Wadge


  • #38 David Spalton

    #38 - David Spalton

    31, Flight Dispatcher at Heathow Airport. Playing in goal since Aug 2015, having stopped playing D-man when he was 17. Follow the New York Rangers, and of course the King Himself, Hank Lundqvist.

  • #35 Kat Robinson

    #35 - Kat Robinson

    Age 33. Been playing for 10 years on and off. Started out as a forward then moved to goal. Come from Guildford. Have played for Guildford Lightning, Bracknell firebees and currently play for Basingstoke bison ladies. Favorite NHL team are New york Rangers.